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I love photography because it allows a moment in time - a moment full of emotions and colors and life and motion- to be preserved and celebrated.

Although I never took photography especially seriously, it was always an unrecognized yet special part of my life.  I loved taking photos, but, for some reason, never gave myself any latitude to explore the technical side of photography.


In an attempt to save ten insanely cool film cameras from a neighbor's attic, I began to learn more about the artistic medium.  Shooting my first roll on a Nikon F both turned my interest in photography into a full-blown obsession and put my bank account into a perpetual state of panic. 

Although I haven't been invested in the photography world for long, I'm excited to continue capturing the things and people I love.  Today, I'm shooting mainly with my Canon 5D Mark IV, my Nikon F, and my Nikonos V.